Gulabi Aankhen Atif Aslam Guitar Chords | Strumming Pattern

  • Song – Gulabi aankhen
  • Singer – Atif aslam
  • Guitar Difficulty Level – medium
  • Barre Chord – Yes
  • Chords Used – Aminor , Gmajor , Fmajor , Emajor

Gulabi Aankhen Guitar Chords and Strumming Pattern

Gulabi Aankhen can be played on the following chords which also has a barre chord, So you need to learn it in order to play this song on the original scale. Anyways, Here are the chords required.

  • Am (x02210)
  • G(320033)
  • F(133211) barre chord
  • E(022100)

Throughout the song the strumming pattern changes, So you need to keep that in mind. Anyways, to start with, Here goes the strumming pattern

Initial Strumming Pattern – D UDUD UDUD

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Chords progression of the Gulabi aankhen by atif aslam goes as flow, what you just need to do is remember the Gulabi Aankhen guitar chords and strumming pattern and play along.

{Am}                {G}                {F}              {E}
Gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhi sharaabi ye dil hogaya

{Am}                {G}                         {F}                     {E}
sambhalo mujhko oh mere yaaro sambhalna mushkil hogaya

Strumming Pattern for below verse – D UDUD

{ Am}
dil mein mere

khawab tere

Strumming pattern for below line – D UDUD UDUD

{F}                                       {E}
tasveere jaise ho deewaar pe

Strumming pattern for below verse – D UDUD

tujh pe fida

main kyu hua

Strumming Pattern for rest of the song – D UDUD UDUD

{F}                                  {E}
aata hai gussa mujhe pyaar pe

{Am}                           {G}                                   {F}
main luth gaya maan ke dil ka kaha main kahin ka na raha

kya kahu main dilruba

{Am}                 {G}                 {F}                    {E}
bura ye jaadu teri aankhon ka ye mera katil hogaya

{Am}                {G}                  {F}                      {E}
gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhi sharaabi ye dil hogaya

{Am}                     {G}                          {F}                         {E}
sambhalo mujh ko oh mere yaro sambhlna mushkil hogaya

maine saada

chaha yahi

{F}                                 {E}
daman bachalu haseeno main

teri kasam

khabo main bhi

{F}                                    {E}
baachta phira naazneeno se main

{Am}                  {G}                  {F}                      {E}
tauba magar mil gayi tujh se nazar mil gaya dard e jigar

sun zara oh bekhabar

{Am}                  {G}                           {F}              {E}
zara sa has ke jo dekha tu ne main tera bismil hogaya

{Am}                {G}                {F}                    {E}
gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhi shaarabi ye dil hogaya

Going with the above chords progression will let you play the song Gulabi aankhen by Atif aslam nicely on your guitar.

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