Little Things Guitar Chords | Strumming Pattern – One Direction

Song – Little Things
Band – One Direction
Guitar Difficulty Level – Medium
Barre Chord – No
Chords Used – Gmajor , Cmajor , Dmajor , Eminor , Aminor

Little Things Guitar Chords And Strumming Pattern

Little Things Guitar Chords

  • G(320033)
  • C(032010)
  • D(x00232)
  • Em(022000)
  • Am (x02210)

Little Things Guitar Strumming Pattern


D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Little Things Guitar Chords Progression


[G] Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me
[C] but bear this mind it was meant to be


[Em] and i’m joining up the dots w[D]ith the freckles on your cheeks
and it all [C] makes [D] sense to me [G]


[G] I know you’ve never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smil[C]e ,
you’ve never loved your stomach or your thighs
[Em] the dimples in your back at the [D] bottom of your spine
But i’ll [C] love the[D]m endlessl[G]y


[Am] I won’t let this little thin[C]gs slip out of m[G]y mouth [D]
[Am] But if i do, it’s yo[C]u, oh it’s you, th[G]ey add up to [D]
i’m in lov[Am]e with you an[C]d all these little things [G]  [D]


[G] You can’t go to bed without a cup of tea
[C] maybe that’s the reason that you talk in your sleep
[Em] and all those conversati[D]ons are the secrets that i keep
though it [C] makes no s[D]ense to me [G]


[G] I know you’ve never loved the sound of your [C] voice on tape
you never want to know how much you weigh
[Em] you still have to [D] squeeze into your jeans
but yo[C]u’re perfect [D] to me [G]

[Am] I won’t let [C] this little thi[G]ngs slip out of [D] my mouth
[Am] But if it’s true [C] , it’s you, oh it'[G]s you, they add up [D] to
i’m in [Am] love with you and al[C]l these little thi[G]ngs  [D]


[Am] you never love [C] yourself hal[G]f as much as i lov[D]e you
[Am] you’ll never t[C]reat yourself rig[G]ht darling but i want you to [D]
[Am] if i let you k[C]now, i’m here fo[G]r you [D]
[Am] maybe you’ll lov[C]e yourself like i love yo[G]u oh  [D]


[Am] i’ve just let these [C] little things slip[G]s out of my mou[D]th
because i [Am]t’s you, oh it’s [C] you, it’s yo[G]u they add up to [D]
and [Am] i’m in love with yo[C]u (all these lit[G]tle things)
[Am] I won’t let the[C]se little things sl[G]ip out of my mo[D]uth
[Am] but if it’s tru[C]e, it’s you, [G] it’s you they [D] add up to
I’m [Am] in love with you, [C] and all your little things [G] .

So that is all in Little Things Guitar Chords And Strumming Pattern By One Direction . Now you can also play this lovely song on your acoustic guitar . Hope you will find it helpful.

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  1. Please!!!!!!!. I don’t have any training, I can’t afford it but I love the acoustic guitar soooo much. I use a friend’s to learn. He can’t play either. Please make videos I dont know how to strum up and down. I don’t even know what that means. Thanks for another lovely lesson.

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