Teri Yaad Guitar Chords | Strumming Pattern – Fever

Song – Teri Yaad
Movie – Fever
Artist – Rahul Jain
Guitar Difficulty Level – Easy
Barre Chord – Yes
Chords Used – Gmajor , Bminor , Dmajor , Aminor , Eminor , Cmajor , Asharp

Teri Yaad Guitar Chords And Strumming Pattern – Fever

Teri Yaad Guitar Chords – Fever

  • G(320033)
  • Bm(224432) barre chord
  • D(x00232)
  • Am (x02210)
  • Em(022000)
  • C(032010)
  • A# (113331) barre chord

Teri Yaad Guitar Strumming Pattern – Fever


D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Teri Yaad Guitar Chords Progression – Fever

[G] Saanw[Bm]ali si [G] raat aa[D]yegi
[G] Madho[D]shi me[G]in yeh [D] raat jaayegi (x2)

[G] Teri yaa[D]d… [Am] aaye[D]gi
[G] Teri yaa[D]d… aayegi

[Am] Tasve[G]eron [Em] mein
Tujhko [G] dhoo[C]ndh laaye[D]nge
Cheh[G]ra jo na [Em] mile
Toh hum [C] mar jaaye[Bm]nge
[Em] Marke [G] bhi.. teri aank[D]hon se [C] behte jaa[D]yenge
Jo aaye [G] phir iss duniya mein
Teri duniya [C] mein [D] phir aayenge

[G] Teri yaa[Am]d… aay[D]egi
[G] Teri yaad… aay[D]egi

[G] Andheri [D] raaton mein socha tujhe..

Ooo.. o…

[G] Andheri raaton me[D]in socha tujhe
[A#] Khwabon [C] mein..
Yaadon [D] mein..
Jazbaaton [G] mein

Teri yaad… aay[D]egi

[Em] Dil huaa dafan
[Em] Jal gaya kafan
[G] Milke na mil[D]a kuun
[D] Bata de wajah
[Em] Hum toh tham gaye
[Bm] Gham mein rum gaye
[G] Tu milega kahaan
[D] Bas bata de jagah
[Em] Kyun chhod [Bm] gaye
Meri [C] baahon mein phir [D] aa zara
[Em] Toota har [Bm] vaham
Ab [C] raahon mein bikhra p[D]ada aa

[D] Teri [Em] yaad, yaa[G]d…
[D] Teri [G] yaad, [D] yaad…

[D] Saanw[Bm]ali si [G] raat [D] aay[Am]egi
Madh[G]oshi mein [D] yeh raat jaayegi

Here we got you an another exclusive song Teri Yaad by Rahul Jain from the movie Fever , now you also can play this song with these Teri Yaad Guitar Chords And Strumming Pattern – Fever ..

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