The Forgotten Guitar Chords | Strumming Pattern Green Day

  • Song – The Forgotten
  • Band – Green Day
  • Movie –The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2
  • Album¡Tré!
  • Guitar Difficulty Level – Medium
  • Barre Chord – Yes
  • Chords Used – Amajor , Emajor , Csharp major , Dmajor , Fsharp minor , Gsharp major

The Forgotten Guitar Chords And Strumming Pattern

The Forgotten Guitar Chords

  • A (x02220)
  • E(022100)
  • C# (446664) barre chord
  • D(x00232)
  • F#m(244222) barre chord
  • G#(466544) barre chord

The Forgotten Guitar Strumming pattern

DD UD DD (do UD while switching chords)

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

The Forgotten Guitar Chords Progression

(A) (E) (C#) (D) X 2

[A] Where in the world’s the [E] Forgotten?
[F#m] They’re Lost inside your [C#] memory
[D] Your Dragging on, your hearts’ [A] been broken
[G] Cause We all go down in [E] history

[A] Where in the world [E] did the time go?
[F#m] 20 spirits seems to [C#] roam
[D] Like Losing faith to our [A] abandon
[G] or an empty hallway from a broken [E] home

(F#m) (A) (D) (A) (G#)
(F#m) (C#) (D) (D)
(E) (E) (E) (E)

[F#m] Don’t Look [A] Away
[D] From the arms of [A] a bad dream [G#]
[F#m] Don’t Look [C#] Away
[D] Sometimes your better lost then to be [E] seen

[A] Don’t Look [E] Away
From the [C#] arms of a moment [D]
[A] Don’t Look [E] Away
From The [C#] Arms of tomorrow [D]

[A] Don’t Look [E] Away
From the [C#] arms of a moment [D]
Don’t Look [D] away
From the Arms of [E] love

(A) (E) (C#) (D) .. Till the end

That is all in The Forgotten Guitar Chords and  Strumming Pattern. You can also play this awesome song of Green Day which is featured in Twilight-Breaking Dawn Part 2 with these Guitar Chords and strumming pattern.

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