Tu Chahiye Guitar Chords | Strumming Pattern – Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Song – Tu Chahiye
Singer – Atif Aslam
Movie – Bajrangi Bhaijaan
Guitar Difficulty Level – Easy
Barre Chord – No
Chords Used – Gmajor , Cmajor , Dmajor

Tu Chahiye Guitar Chords And Strumming Pattern

Tu Chahiye Guitar Chords

  • G(320033)
  • C(032010)
  • D(x00232)

Tu Chahiye Stumming Pattern

DD UDUD UDUD (Try to match this strumming pattern or find a similar strumming pattern)

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Tu Chahiye Guitar Chords Progression

(G) (C) (D) (G)

[G] Haal ae [C] Dil ko su [D] koon chahi[G]ye  (C) (D)
[G] Poori [C] ik aar[D]zoochahi [G] ye (C) (D)
Jai[Am]se pehle ka[G]bhi kuch [C] bhi chaaha [G] nahi
[G] Waise [C] hi kyun chahi[D]ye  (C) (D)

Dil ko [G] teri mojoodgi ka [C] ehsaas yun chahi[D]ye
Tu chahi[G]ye, tu chahi[Am]ye
Shaam-o-su[D]bah tu chahi[G]ye
Tu chahi[C]ye Tu chahi[D]ye
Har marta[C]baa Tu chahi[G]ye

Jitni daf[C]aaa[D]aazidd ho [G]meri (C) (D)
Utni da[C]faa [D]haan,Tu chahi[G] yeeeee (D)

Wo wo……….
(G) (C) (D)
Wo wo ho…………..
(G) (D) (C) (G)

(Chords will be same for the following verse)

Koi aur dooja kyun mujhe
Na tere siva chahiye
Har safar mein mujhe
Tu hi rehnuma chahiye
Jeene ko bas mujhe
Tu hi meherbaan chahiye

Seene mein agar tu dard hai
Na koi dawaa chahiye
Tu lahu ki tarah
Ragon mein rawaan chahiye
Anjaam jo chaahe mera
Wo.. aagaaz yun chahiye

Tu chahiye, tu chahiye
Shaam-o-subah tu chahiye
Tu chahiye.. tu chahiye..
Har martabaa tu chahiye

Jitni dafaa.. zidd ho meri
Utni dafaa.. haan, tu chahiye

Wo o…
Wo oo…

Mere zakhmon ko teri chhuan chahiye
Mere shamma ko teri agan chahiye
Mere khwaab ke aashiyane mein tu chahiye
Main kholun jo aankhein sirhane bhi tu chahiye

Wo ho…
Wo ho ho….

We got here a new song Tu Chahiye for you from the Salman Khan’s upcoming movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan sung by none other than our favorite Atif Aslam ,  Now you can also play this lovely song on Your acoustic Guitar with these Tu Chahiye Guitar Chords And Strumming Pattern. Hope it will help you and you will like it.

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