Best Beginner Guitar Becomes an Acoustic-Electric

Best Beginner Guitar Becomes an Acoustic-Electric

You started your music career with the best beginner guitar. Do you now want an acoustic electric one? Do you have enough money to get both? This is your lucky day.

This electric transducer will change your acoustic guitar into an acoustic electric one. You only need to put it on your strings and you will be ready – at minimal cost and without having to change your guitar. One word of warning though. This is a magnetic pickup, so it is good for steel strings. Your classical guitar will not really be suitable here, unless you change the strings. Only the vibration waves produced on the metal string can be picked up.

Ultimate Best Beginner Guitar Gadget

This clip is perfect for beginners who want to try to experiment with sounds on an acoustic electric guitar and don’t want to change the one that they have. Also it is perfect if you don’t have enough money to buy a new one and you want to try it too.  Of course you still have the option to clip the transducer off again whenever you want to go back to playing non-electric. Two guitars for the price of one! This is the ultimate best beginner guitar gadget.

This transducer can be clipped on your guitar’s sound hole and connects to the audio input (any classic amplifier) with a simple standard 1/4″ connector. Could it be easier? There is no wonder that this has become a best seller on Amazon. There is an adjustable, foldable piece on the back that will fit almost any size sound hole in the guitar.

Should Work with Any Amplifier

It should work with any amplifier even if you want to try it with an amplifier which has an overdrive function and experiment with a lot of sounds. You can easily change it back if you disconnect your transducer, take it out from the guitar and continue with your normal classic acoustic guitar rhythms.

The size of the pickup is on 5 x 1 in (12.7 x 2.54 cm) perfect to be clipped to your guitar without being annoying for your hands when you are playing your most difficult rhythms. Nobody will realize that your guitar is just an acoustic one. The cable’s length is from 10 ft. (3 m) approximately and this should be more than enough to reach wherever you need to play comfortably.

The sound quality is reported to be the best and clearest from any pickup. Reviewers have written on their pleasure at hearing the sound come across loud but not distorted in any way. A whopping 85% of the reviews give the HDE® Guitar Pickup more than four stars. That has to say something about the quality.

What is in the Pack

The pack includes one guitar pick up to clip your transducer to your guitar, and one patch cord to connect your new electric acoustic guitar to any amplifier and start to get new sounds.

Sometimes you want to play a song with your band and you are considering the idea of buying acoustic electric guitar. Well, you won’t need to spend your money on new instruments for you and your band because you can turn your single acoustic guitar into an acoustic electric one without the need to splash out.
With this transducer the only thing that you will need to do is to connect it to your guitar and you will be able to play as loudly as you want with your band’s members without the fear that you’ll be drowned out by everyone else’s instruments


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