Best Guitar for Beginners - Full Size Electric Guitar

Best Guitar for Beginners – Full Size Electric Guitar

Are you starting to play guitar? Here you can find the best guitar for beginners. If you are looking for something to start to learn everything about this world then this is the first pack you should consider. It includes a black electric guitar made up with a swish maple neck ready to be used.

If you are a new guitar player, sometimes you can get a lot of problems trying to get basic sounds with complex music equipment or you are troubled because all of those new music terms and functions which amplifiers have. This kit won’t give you headaches with incomprehensible instructions;it is made up to start to rock on any time. Whether you want to practice some guitar rhythms, or maybe some guitar chords that you just learned in your guitar class, you can get started straight away.

Simple Amplifier and Pitch Pipe

This pack includes a simple amplifier which will be really useful to play your first guitar chords. It counts with an overdrive channel that helps you get distorted sounds; great if you want to perform most heavy rock songs. It also has a clean channel to play beauty rhythms in a midnight serenade. The amplifier also has a plug-out to use your headphones – perfect if you want to practice at home or in a silent place where you won’t bother any sensitive neighbors so you will avoid getting into trouble.

With the pitch pipe include in the pack, you can tune your guitar’s strings any time that they are out of tune. If you are unfamiliar with tuning, any music teacher can teach you how to use it and get you ready to do it by your own.

Best Guitar for Beginners

All the Humbucker’s guitars are designed to reach all of those powered sounds you hear from your favorite bands. With enough practice you will be able to rock just like a professional and make your band sound better too.

If you don’t have any intentions to perform in a big place, this pack is perfect, because you get enough noise to play right next to your band members, meaning you can practice together without losing the riffs of your guitar.

When you play away from home, you can use the case that is also included to carry your guitar with you. This is durable enough to be used every day on the road to your practice sessions; it will protect your new baby against hard trips whilst still looking cool with an elegant black design.

Also, as a little gift, this pack includes a few basic picks in different colors, essential to make all those strings sing all the guitar rhythms that you want.


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