Guitar Chords for Beginners - Epiphone Guitar Pack

Guitar Chords for Beginners – Epiphone Guitar Pack

You want to learn the essential guitar chords for beginners? Are you ready to rock? Let’s do it! Because this Epiphone Guitar Pack Series PPEG-EGL1VSCH1 Electric Guitar Pack – Vintage Sunburst has everything that you need. It is here to give you your first steps on the highway of rock and roll. In just a short time you’ll be rocking away!

This pack includes a genuine Les Paul Special-II LTD guitar featuring two classic humbucker pickups. Is there a better way to start on the stairway to heaven? I don’t think so.

This beautiful guitar is packed with two humbuckers that make you sound as if you are in a concert. You can get way out sounds to shake the floor or you can have clean rhythms that will talk for you if you want to express emotions.

The Les Paul Special wears a classic brown vintage with black finish to make it look like your second name is Hendrix.

10-watt Electric Guitar Amplifier

The guitar is accompanied in the pack by a 10-watt electric guitar amplifier. This is made up with different channels beginning with the classic clean one. There is an overdrive channel designed specifically to rock with the hardest chords. This will silence the audience when you perform your solos. Also included is a 10 ft cable. That must be more than enough to move around the scene while you are rocking with your band.

The Epiphone Guitar Pack Series also includes a tuner to help you to get the best sounds from your guitar. This beauty chromatic tuner can be clipped on the headstock. You will can carry it to any place that you need. You will use it during any performance without needing to look for it in a bag or your guitar case. It will be always ready, waiting to be used.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a complete pack without the perfect guitar gig bag. This one is specifically made up to give you comfortable storage. The truly easy way to carry your guitar to any gig when your band is going to perform. You will not be worried about taking care of your guitar, because it will always be safe. Also this gig bag is a fully elegant color –black- and has space for everything you need with you.

Learn all the guitar chords for beginners

The best part about the Epiphone Guitar Pack Series is the good news for all new guitar players. It comes with free downloadable guitar lessons when you buy your pack. So there won’t be any excuse! First you will learn how to use all the things that are included in the pack. Then you’ll learn all the guitar chords for beginners, guitar rhythms and guitar tricks.

As a gift, this pack include a few picks in different colors which can be used to rock in the right moment when you open the box with your all new Les Paul Special-II LTD.

So what are you waiting for to get it? Doesn’t matter if you are a starter guitar player. If you are a learner already, or even if you are an expert guitarist. You can benefit from the Epiphone Series – and get rocking!


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