Guitar Exercises and More on This Acoustic Electric Guitar

Guitar Exercises and More on This Acoustic Electric Guitar

If you want to practice your guitar exercises, you can use this all new thin line acoustic electric guitar! It doesn’t matter if you are starting to learn first guitar chords or you are a master in the art of making riffs, you can use this either way.

This guitar can be used to play acoustically or plugged in – it all depends on your needs because it includes a connection for any amplifier. This makes it possible to modify the volume and able to be tuned at any frequency that you require.

Guitar Exercises

The guitar exercises are perfect to perform any ballad, country or hard rock song that requires the use of an acoustic guitar. You can make best use of the power from your amplifier and shine without being silenced by the noise of the drums or another instrument from your band.

This pack also includes a free gig case that is perfect to carry your guitar any place you need to rock with your band or just by yourself. This case is the basic way to take care of your guitar, protecting it from dust or any kind of thing that could damage it during the course of the day.

The gig case included in the pack is made up with a black color, perfect to blend with anything and help you to move your guitar around in a discreet way.

High gloss dark blue burst finish

The guitar that is included has a high gloss dark blue burst finish and is painted by hand. Have your eyes ever seen something this beautiful? I know the answer. This fantastic color will mean you get all the admiring glances when you are playing chords and notes in front of an audience, helping you to steal the show.

An acoustic guitar can be played just by hand, but some people prefer to do it with a small pick to get a little more metallic sound in the songs. Sometimes it’s just because they feel comfortable to do it in that way. Well, if you are that kind of musician, that won’t be a problem, because the pack contains not only the acoustic electric guitar and the gig case, it also includes some picks in many different colors. Perfect if this is the way you like to play and ready to help you to perform your favorite songs at any time of the day.

I bet that this guitar will help you improve your guitar player skills by allowing you to listen to yourself playing with an amplified sound during songs that typically are played in a more silent way.If you want to go to another place or improvise during a camping night, you can just plug it out and rock at any place.


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