Guitar for Dummies Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack

Guitar for Dummies Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack

So do you going to start on the guitar world? Well, what about this guitar for dummies pack?

Sometimes we wake up with a new passion on our minds; it could be a sport, a collection or even music, and the desire to learn how to play guitar is often the most popular choice.

However, it can be pretty difficult to find a good guitar school and, when we find some guitar lessons, the price may be really high for our pockets. Even if we can pay for it, sometimes our schedules are not designed to be synchronized with schedules of school.

Guitar for Dummies 120 Page Book Included

To avoid all of these problems, we could learn to play guitar in our own home and for this situation there are some alternative options. The Guitar for Dummies Acoustic Guitar starter pack includes a Guitar for Dummies 120 page book and a CD that will help you to learn all the basics about the guitar world. You can find a lot of notes, chords, rhythms, riffs and everything you need to start in its pages. So it’s time to forget the traditional guitar classes with that horrible and bored no-patience teacher.

Beautiful Kona Deluxe Acoustic Guitar

The pack includes a beautiful Kona Deluxe acoustic guitar in a clear brown color that will makes you look like a classic vintage guitar player. This one is perfect to start playing your first sounds on the guitar. I bet that in later years you’ll remember your first songs played on this guitar.

Don’t know how to tune it? It won’t be a problem, because it also includes a guitar tuner made up specially to tune your guitar in a few minutes. One of the first lessons you will learn is how to identify every string on the guitar and this is where you need to start to use your guitar tuner and make your strings get the best sound for your favorite songs. It includes a LED readout to help you get to know exactly how strong you have to tune your strings and a very sensitive microphone to get the tuned noted on every string.

A Gig Bag, Three Guitar Picks and More

Also, this pack includes a gig bag with a strap handle in a smart black color, a color that’s always suitable to match with anything. It’s perfect to carry your new guitar to any place and practice, or even perform an all new learned song at a party with your friends. This gig bag will also protect your guitar from dust and any thing that might damage the paint or wood in your guitar.

The guitar for dummies acoustic guitar starter pack includes three guitar picks to help you to play your first guitar rhythms– you’ll get a different sound using the picks and it might just make the experience of playing the strings of your new guitar a little more comfortable.


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