guitar lessons for kids

Guitar Lessons for Kids

You are an aspiring musician and you want to learn how to play guitar. Your problem is that the local music school near you might be too expensive or you find it hassle to literally go to music schools or you don’t like the pressure of having one on one lessons with your teaching. Thankfully, with the internet, we now have some sites that can help you with your desire to learn playing the guitar. Most of the sites and lessons we find in the internet are designed for adults before, but now we have people that are kind enough to create web sites that is especially designed for kids. These are child-friendly websites wherein the contents are designed to suit the learning of little kids. Not too fast nor complicated and just enough for children to understand and pick up. Some sites are also good enough to provide a series of step by step progressive lessons. What is more to it is that some of these websites are accessible for free. This way, you kids can learn playing guitar at the comforts of your home.

Here is a very good website kids can go to and learn guitar lessons from:

This kid guitar lessons site is initiated by Andrew Keppie. When you search online, this is one of the first things you will find when you look for a tutorial place online. Andrew Keppie is a passionate guitarist who also started as a kid. He is an accredited teacher with Queensland Department of Education and he has created the site to also help passionate kids as they feed their love for guitar and music.

Kidzguitarzone is a very simple website where kids can immediately see and access guitar lessons. Ass users arrive at the page; there is a noticeable vertical row on the left corner of it. It is a row of guitar picks with lesson numbers. It is the series of guitar lessons offered. Kids can start from the very beginning, lesson 1 and progressively move over after another. The lessons are conversational video tutorials. The videos are more or less 20 minutes long and it features the Andrew, the teacher and creator of the whole thing. Andrew talks to the student and as he practically teach how to apply the lessons, there appears at a certain area in the video frame the chord he is doing or the chords of the song and an image of a string guide to help the kids understand better.

By having videos, kids can replay the video if they missed something or if they fail to understand the lesson for the first time. The lesson offered is currently up to lesson 9 as Andrew continues to add them. Another feature of this site is that there is a subpage which helps kids choose the kind of guitar that suits them. So especially to those who are still eyeing or planning to start out, this will really be helpful. As a whole, it is a good place where kids can start from. Basic as it is, it will be best and understandable for starting musicians.

But for you guys who think that guitar lessons for kids is still best learned practical and personal, here are some of the things to consider when deciding for the school, course, lesson, and type of class:

• There is a number of music schools around your place and you don’t know what to choose. Try to do a background research and the history of the school. See how long they have been operating so you also get to see how much time they had for improving their system. It is good to ask and know from them their standard for hiring teachers. Also try to browse their gallery if they have one either online or at the office and look at the profiles and achievements of the students they produce. There you will learn if they have really produced quality students and if they will be able to teach you well.

• When you enrol in a music school, you have all the right to ask for the profile of your teacher. You pay the school so don’t be shy to try to know your instructor. There are musicians who gets to teach because of they are good at playing. But playing doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is also good at teaching. See to it that the teacher somehow has a degree. It is good that one is talented but what the teacher has and knows is what will be passed on to you so his education and efficiency is important.

• Enrolling in a music school for guitar lessons will cause you an amount of money. Since you are spending money, don’t hesitate knowing the courses available in the school. See if their lessons will be worth it of the amount of payment. If not and you still decide to enrol, ask your teacher to give you some lessons on things that are not part of the syllabus but you want to learn about. Make the most of what you paid for.

Since the availability of the internet, the choices for which one can learn guitar lessons and a lot of things have been added. You can choose online lessons or have a private instructor, buy DVDs for home learning, or go to a music school. Everything depends upon your choice. What is important, may it be kids or adults, is the persistence to learn. Beginning are always difficult, and it has always been the persistent that gets to harvest the fruits of labor. If you don’t have money, there are lots of ways you can still learn from. Just keep the persistence and passion burning.

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