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Guitar Tabs for Beginners

So you want to start playing the guitar? Well, I can bet that you think it’s a dark world full of tons of knowledge. To be great guitar player you will need a lot of practice. But to start playing your favorite songs, you will only need to learn about guitar tabs for beginners.

What is a guitar tab? A guitar tab is some kind of image or graphic which shows you the way to put your fingers on the guitar to get the notes needed if you want to learn a song.

To start to learn guitar tabs for beginners, you will need to learn what the name of the strings in the guitar is. You can start numbering all the strings before learn them names. First string is called E, second string is called B, third string G, fourth string is called D, the fifth string is called A, and the last one, the sixth string is called E (it is a different E, because it’s a little bit deeper than the first string).

Once you learned the name of the strings you can start to number your fingers too. You will only need one, two, three and four to number your fingers, because the thumb is actually used to hold the guitar steady, while your fingers are searching out the strings and related chords. Your thumb won’t be playing any notes.

When you are looking at guitar tabs, most of pages show you a picture where there are six lines, each one representing a string on the guitar.The image will be starting with the first one (E string), then the second one, etc. Over those lines, you will see some numbers. They are representing your hand’s finger and the number that you gave it.

The guitar tabs are showing the lines (strings) and the numbers (fingers), and from these you can start to build your first guitar chords or riffs and learn how to play your favorites songs.

Whoa, I hear you say! I understand about chords, but what’s a riff?

OK, sorry, a riff is some single notes played in a sequence, commonly played by the lead guitar in a band and used to perform some solos in a song.

You will need only to watch the figure shown, and then perform everything starting finger by finger.

In a guitar tab for beginners you will find that it is easy to know when the graphic is showing a riff () or a chord. When the graphic is showing a riff, all the numbers will be separated one from another by a little distance of you look at them vertically. When the graphic is showing a guitar chord, all, the numbers will be together, on different strings, but in the same vertical line if you watch them.

There is a big choice of internet’s music pages, that you can use to look for a song and get its guitar tabs. A good page is called, it show you all the tabs you need to get the chords in a song. Most of them are rock songs, but it has a huge variety of bands and artists.

People say that you need a lot of knowledge to be a good guitar player, but by learning the guitar basics and reading guitar tabs, all you will need will be practice, a lot of practice, because guitar skills can’t just be picked up reading alone.

Just like everything else, practice makes perfect. Happy strumming.


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