how to play guitar chords

How to Play Guitar Chords

When we start thinking about taking up playing the guitar, we probably have some interest in our favorite songs, so we start to ask ourselves how to play guitar chords.

Guitar chords are really easy, it’s just like a single note but all of them played at the same time (sounds hard? I don’t think so). It might just be difficult in the first week, but it improves a lot when your hand get accustomed, to the movements.

So, where to start? Well, before we think about multiple string chords, we must first be able to learn the name of all the individual strings on the guitar. This is essential, so that we can understand what our tutor is telling us.

The strings are numbered from one to six starting from the thinner one. Also the strings do have names, based on the sound they produce when plucked. The first one is called E, the second one B, the third one G, the fourth one D, the fifth one A and the last one is called E (it’s a deeper E than the first one).

Another thing that all guitar players will recommend, is to do finger exercises to improve your speed when you are playing. That will help you to change from chord to chord with a clean sound.

A good exercise to improve speed and learn faster how to play guitar chords is to play one note in the sixth string with your first finger, then with the second one, etc. When you have played a note with every finger, then you can pass to the next string, the A string and repeat the method. This is an excellence way to get faster fingers and play the changes during a song without any problem.

Every time you look for chords in a music page on internet they will show you in two different ways. The name of the chord (so you will need to memorize a lot of them), or the other method is with the number of your fingers on the string they must be put it, this way is called tabs. It’s really useful when you are learning a new song.

When you learn a lot of chords, you will need to learn some guitar rhythms, because not all the songs use the same rhythms. To know what the rhythm of your song is, you will need to listen it a lot of times until you get it. It’s easy; if you now a lot of chords it will be a piece of cake for you.

So, what do we need to start to learn our first chords?

First of all, to know the name of all the strings: E, B, G, D, A, E. Second, to number every finger in our hand (excepting the thumb ).

Finally, to get a lot of speed to change from chord to chord during a song. Once you get this off the internet’s music page, it will help you to build every chord you need to play your favorites songs.

Little by little, you will be learning tons of chords. Are you ready to be real guitar player?

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