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How to Play The Guitar – Find Lessons Online

Usually more than other instruments, guitar is this one that everybody just loves listening to. Whether in families, or group of friends, and even when you are alone, it is that instrument that gives you this different acoustic feeling and relaxation. And as a lot of people enjoy it, a lot are also wanting to learn it or learn more.

Playing the guitar is actually not that hard. But of course for beginners, especially those who never had any background or experience, it takes time and patience to understand and know the terms, memorize the chords, and get the fingers used to moving in coordination with the strumming of the other hand.

When you search through the internet, you will immediately find a number of guitar lessons which will help you start out. There are articles, videos, and other forms of tutorial like step by step progressive online books. But for now, here are some most basic things to help you start off your learning.

Learn the most basic such as how to hold the guitar and the parts of it. Try putting your fingers on the strings to get the feel of it and practice strumming and try to get a clean sound out of your strum. You will easily find information and instruction on this once you have the internet.

Understanding the chords

Learn the strings

Your fingers and how it presses the strings will be how you’ll be able to produce melody from your guitar. It will be a good start of you become familiar with the strings. To understand better, remember that when holding a guitar properly in position with your left hand, the strings are numbered horizontally from 1 to 6, from the highest to the lowers pitch. What they call is the lines under the strings. When the directions says “place your finger on the 2nd fret”, it means put your finger between the 1st and second fret because it is the string that needs to be on the fret.

Number your fingers

Let your index finger be 1, middle finger 2, ring finger is 3, your pinky as 4, and your thumbs as “T” which is usually for advanced chords. Learning this is important because when you look at visual guides such as song hits or charts, you will see a numbering on the images, to follow is just to match young fingers with the numbered string as you will see in images or visual guides.

Learn the basic chords

C is the most basic guitar chord for most people. Search online for visual guides on chords and you will see a lot of them. Learn the most basic such as C, E, Am, G and others if you want. These chords are some of the easiest and you’ll already be able to play a number of songs with these. There are 2 basic types of chords. We call the first one as first position chords and the second as barre chords. The first position chords are the most basic ones.


For strumming, when you often listen to music, you tend to get the rhythm of the strumming. But if you don’t, search for basic strumming videos, tutorials, or guitar covers on the internet and follow the strumming rhythm of the artist. If you do this as practice, you will soon enough get familiar with the common style of strumming. When you already get the basic strumming technique, the back and forth movement, it’ll be less difficult for you to learn other songs.

Those are some of the most basic but equally important things you have to know and remember when you are a beginner who is eager to learn playing the guitar of any type. When you know the basics, you will be able to understand easier the other lessons. When you do not know the basic and immediately jump over to higher lessons, you might just get confused of a lot of terms and things. Start off simple so you can smoothly learn forward. Again, learning guitar and other instruments for that matter, always requires persistence and patience. Well, the music is always worth the effort and the patience. Do not expect that it will be easy but know that you will soon learn and the progress will keep on as long as you try and see that you are absorbing your lessons even just from videos or free ones online. Keep the eagerness up and keep on practicing. There are lots of ways. Even an old song hits can help you. Just want it, keep pushing, and soon enough you will definitely progress and learn the songs you have long been wanting to play.


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  1. great article…am just starting out.learnt and mastered basic chords,in barre chord.its kinda challenging…but having difficulties in switching chords and strumming altogether

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