Kuch Bhi Karlo Guitar Chords – Swastik the Band

  • Song – Kuch Bhi Karlo
  • Singer – Deepak Rathore (Swastik The Band)
  • Guitar Difficulty Level – High
  • Barre Chord – Yes
  • Chords Used – Dminor, Asharp, Fmajor, Cmajor

Kuch Bhi Karlo Guitar Strumming Pattern


D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Kuch Bhi Karlo Guitar Chords

Kuch bhi karlo song can be played on the guitar using these following chords, So if you want play this song on your guitar then you must know these chords.

  • Dm(000231)
  • A# (113331) barre chord
  • F(133211) barre chord
  • C(032010)

Below I am writing the guitar chords progression taking reference to the song lyrics, Just use the above guitar chords and start playing the taking reference from the below chords progression

(Dm)                     (A#)
Kuch bhi kar lo ,mujh pe mar lo

(F)                       (C)
main nai rukne wali

(Dm)                 (A#)
O re parwane ,tera ishq na jaane

(F)                       (C)
main nai rukne waali

(Dm)  (A#) (F) (C)
Na na na……….

(Dm)            (A#)
Pyaar mera kamzor tha

(F)                      (C)
aisa tune kyun soch liya

(Dm)                    (A#)
dil mein tera hi intezaar tha

(F)                       (C)
saath rehke bhi saath na raha

(Dm)                    (A#)
ankhen meri na tu padh saka

(F)                       (C)
tanha mujko tu chor chala

Pyaar nibhaana

saath nibhaana

(F)                   (C)
tum kya jano yaara

kasme waade

jhoote dilaase

(F)                     (C)
aisa tha rishta humara


Below verse of the song has same chords and patterns as mentioned above, All you need to do is follow the above pattern and chords. Anyways, Lyrics goes as follow

Na na na..

Kuch bhi kar lo
mujh pe mar lo
main nai rukne waali
O re parwane ,tera ishq na jane
main nai rukne waali

main nai rukne waali x 3

As said, this song is fairly difficult in playing because of the barre chords, so if you are a beginner then I will first recommend you to learn some barre chords as that might help you in playing not only this but many other songs. Anyway, I hope kuch bhi karlo guitar chords will help you in playing this song in your guitar.

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