Learn Guitar Chords and Folk - Everything You Need in this Bundle

Learn Guitar Chords and Folk – Everything You Need in this Bundle

It is time to learn guitar chords and folk! Are you wondering how would it be to be able to play best folk music on a classic guitar? Well it’s time to answer that question. Here is a beginner’s pack that will help you to learn everything you need. Make a start in the complex and fascinating world of the guitar. This is more than boring classes and a lot of repetitions of chords and notes. This is about passion.

Learn Guitar Chords on a Yamaha Classic

The pack includes a beautiful Yamaha FG700S classic guitar. That is all that you need to start to learn the best folk music. This guitar is basically a clear brown color and finished with a strong brown edging. This coloring covers a solid spruce top that makes it look like a classic vintage instrument. Perfect to let the minstrel you have inside you emerge.

All the strings in this guitar are made from nickel. They are ready to help you to get best sounds in every song that you play with your all new classic guitar.

A Tuner and a Hard Case

Also is included in the pack is an electronic tuner. Do you have problems with tuning the string of your guitar? You don’t have to worry any more. This electronic tuner is made with an LED light to show you exactly which string are you tuning and how tightly it must be tuned. It has a very sensitive microphone which you can use to get even more accurate notes when you are tuning and playing.

The hard case included in the pack is also a great part of all the things that you will need. This case is like a hard shell. Probably about the best way to protect your guitar from accidental bangs, dust and even just everyday use. Although a musician does not intentionally cause damage, the better the care you take of your guitar, the better it will sound. The hard case comes in black. Perfect to combine with everything and look professional when you arrive at any performance.

More in the Pack

One of the most important things in the pack is the DVD’s included. Everyone is looking for a good guitar teacher, but here there is one of the best, yourself. With these videos, you can to learn how to play all the basics notes, chords and some classic songs in your home. There is no need to look for an expensive guitar school or adapt your life to the schedules of an institution. Everything can be done at home and in your own free time.

A few picks are also included as a gift. These will help when you start to experiment with the guitar rhythms. There is also a pack of strings that will be waiting to be needed. Accidents do occur and if you need to change one you do not want to have to stop your learning process.


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