Now You can be a part of . As a Guitarist oneself has his own way to learn Guitar , some key points or techniques we used to learn Guitar through the whole journey from a beginner to master. so here we are giving you a platform to share your journey , ideas , techniques and be the Mentor of  a beginner And Help people to become a guitarist like you .

Now You Can Also Post On LearnUrGuitar .

You Can Post :-

  • Guitar Chords Of your Favourite Songs or any song you want.
  • Share Your Experience Of Learning Guitar.
  • List Easy Songs to play on guitar For beginners.
  • List of top Romantic Songs.
  • List of top Sad Songs.
  • Any experience and tell people how to play guitar Easily.
  • How to play barre Chords Easily.
  • List of Best Guitar
  • List of best Capo.
  • Why we use Capo.
  • Or anything about guitars and learning.

In the End Of Every Post you can give your full Name and your Facebook Profile if you want so people can ask queries about your post . Top Post doer can become a moderator or admin of LearnurGuitar Forum.