The Sound Of Silence Guitar Chords | Strumming Pattern – Disturbed

Song – The Sound Of Silence
Artists –  Disturbed
Guitar Difficulty Level – Medium
Barre Chord – Yes
Chords Used – Fsharp minor , Emajor , Dmajor , Amajor

The Sound Of Silence Guitar Chords And Strumming Pattern – Disturbed

The Sound Of Silence Guitar Chords – Disturbed

  • F#m(244222) barre chord
  • E(022100)
  • D(x00232)
  • A (x02220)

The Sound Of Silence Guitar Strumming Pattern – Disturbed


D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

The Sound Of Silence Guitar Chords Progression – Disturbed


[Verse 1:]

{F#m} Hello darkness, my ol{E}d friend
I’ve come to talk with yo{F#m}u again
Because a vision s{D}oftly c{A}reeping
Left its see{F#m}ds while I {D} was sle{A}eping
{F#m} And the {D} vision that was planted {D} in my {A} brain
Still re{F#m}mains within the {E} sound of {F#m} silence

[Verse 2:]

{F#m} In restless dreams I walked {E} alone
Narrow streets of {F#m} cobblestone
‘Neath the halo of {D} a street {A} lamp
I turned my coll{F#m}ar to the {D} cold and {A} damp
When my {D} eyes were stabbed by the flash of a {D} neon {A} light
That {F#m} split the ni{A}ght
{F#m} And touched the {E} sound of {F#m} silence

[Verse 3:]

{F#m} And in the naked li{E}ght I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe {F#m} more
People talking wit{D}hout spe{A}aking
People hearing wit{D}hout lis{A}tening
People writing {D} songs that voices {D} never {A} share
And no one {F#m} dare {A} {F#m}
Disturb the {E} sound of {F#m} silence

[Verse 4:]

{F#m} Fools said I, you do not {E} know
Silence like a cancer {F#m} grows
Hear my words that I m{D}ight teach {A} you
Take my arms that I m{D}ight reach to {A} you
But my {D} words like silent {D} raindrops {A} fell
A{F#m}nd ech{A}oed in the we{E}lls of {F#m} silence

[Verse 5:]

{F#m} And the people bowed and {E} prayed
To the neon God the{F#m}y made
And the sign flashed {D} out it’s {A} warning
And the words that it {D} was for{A}ming

And the sign said

The wo{D}rds of the prophets are written on the {D} subway w{A}alls
And tenement hal{F#m}ls
And whispered in the {E} sound of si{F#m}lence

Here we got you an exclusive song The Sound Of Silence by Disturbed , now you also can play this amazing song with these The Sound Of Silence Guitar Chords And Strumming Pattern – Disturbed …

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